How to view the password of linksys router?

There are a few key steps to find the password on a Linsky’s router. It is important to follow each step to the letter in order to successfully retrieve said password.

First, understand the role a password plays in a Linsky’s router. Verifying your router’s wireless adaptations or settings is vital to properly connect your devices to a network. Moreover it is considered the best way to take if youre at all unsure of the router’s wireless settings.

There are two ways to find the password for this particular brand of router. Number one is through Linsky’s connect. First, you will need to be sure you are attempting to retrieve the password from the same computer that set up the wi-fi router. Next, once you reach the main screen be sure to select the choice labeled router settings. The actual password as well as the name of the router can be located under the tab marked Personalized settings.

The other way to find the password on a Linsky’s router is through a web based connection. Step one is to open up a web browser like Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer. Once you’ve opened your browser up enter this important code: once again, that is an important code to remember and should be written down and kept in a safe spot. is the router’s go to default address. Next, key in the word “admin” in the section labeled as password. Of note: if you have already created a user code and password this is where you may enter those personalizations here.